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Londt Park Sports Club are the only Sports Club in the Eastern Cape that is managed by an Association for Sport for the Physically Disabled. Londt Park are a fast growing Club with multiple sporting codes affiliated to Londt Park Sports Club

Golf Driving Range


Londt Park Golf Driving Range is open 7 days a week. The Golf Driving Range is 250 m long.

Sport for the Disabled


Londt Park Association for Sport for the Physically Disabled caters for Wheelchair Basketball, Athletics, Archery & Swimming. We are affiliated with the Nelson Mandela Bay Association for Sport for the Physically Disabled. We have produced a number of South African representatives over the years. It is mostly a Summer Sport but we do practice during the year.



Park Netball Club is a Club that have grown from strength to strength. They compete in different leagues in the Eastern Province Region. We have 2 courts that we practice on. Netball is a Winter Sport.



Londt Park Archery Club caters for Able and Disabled athletes. We compete at all levels, up and including SA Nationals. We have seen a growth in the sport over the years. Archery is being practised throughout the year

Soft Ball


The Panthers are a team to be recon with. Soft Ball is an old sport that has started to slowly grow over the past few years. Soft Ball is a Summer Sport.



The Tigers Park Baseball team have 2 teams participating in the Mandela Bay League. They also do a lot of development for the young boys as we are slowly growing the sport of baseball in the Eastern Cape. Baseball is a Summer Sport.

West Park Football Club


Westpark Vets over 35 Football Club. This is a social league with a bit of extra. If you love soccer and cannot compete in the first league, anymore come and join us every Wednesday. Soccer is a Winter Sport

Pigeon Club


Sam-West Racing Pigeon Club have a love and passion for pigeons. This is the Club to belong to if you share love and passion for pigeons. It is amazing the ability these pigeons have and the distances the fly

Frisbee Club


An old but exciting sport for all the thrill seekers. Great exercise while you having fun and participating in a competitive sport. Frisbee is a sport that is being practised throughout the year.

Londt Park Belly dancers


Join us every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. Let us teach you the most beautiful ancient skilled dance in the world, enhance your confidence and your womanhood and just have lots of fun. We are skilled in all styles and props, from Bollywood, Gypsy, Latin etc, We dance all year round January to November.

Round Table PE West 142


We not only make friends in our Area, Nationally and Internationally but we make a difference in our local communities as well.

Ibhayi Dog Jumping Academy


EP Future Kings

If you want to develop your child to be the best they can be and still enjoy sport. Join the EP Future Kings at Londt Park

If you have any query’s regarding a Sub-Section or wish to join our Sports Club feel free to contact us

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